Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 243 Continent of Life Cafe

The continent of life, Abya Yala, these beautiful continents we now refer to as the America's. Abya Yala is the word used by the Kuna people of Panama and Colombia for the land they inhabit. Because in the words of Takir Mamani "placing foreign names on our cities, towns and continents is equal to subjecting our identity to the will of our invaders."  Use of Abya Yala now goes far beyond the naming of continents, it has come to represent and be used by indigenous groups across the americas, seeking to preserve their culture in the face of the ever present invasion of western culture.

 Here in Matagalpa, Abya Yala is a cultural cafe serving up, tasty eats, radical politics and local art. 

I saw this cafe my first day in Matagalpa the first thing you see when you enter is a mural declaring "read to fly." How could I resist? 

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