Sunday, May 12, 2013

Day 231 Shamans and Monkeys

On Thursday we visited the petroglyphs in Chaguitillo. While I am not usually a tour sort of girl this one was phenomenal and necessary. Here in Nicaragua there is only beginning to be an awareness of preservation and signage of sights and attractions is nonexistent. While this can be frustrating for those of us with a DYI streak, it does generate right livelihood for innumerable guides across the country. In this case the petroglyphs especially this first one would have been next to impossible to find without someone to show the way. 

Our guide Jose Percisio from Matagalpa Tours, went far above and beyond simply showing us the way. He also treated us to a history lesson and a brief introduction to the indigenous language Nahuatl. These carvings date back five hundred years (although it is not known for certain because there isnt funds for carbon dating) and are thought to be created by a small short lived group of nomads which inhabited the area. This group is thought to be descendants of the Mayans. 

This first image is of a astronomically accurate calendar. This calendar is what makes archeologists believe this group were descendants of the Maya. It is thought that without prior knowledge, such as the Mayans had, this sort of calendar would be impossible. 

Lunar calendar. 

Shaman and monkey.

Deer little something.


Shaman or monkey, not sure which.

Calendar and our guide Jose.


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