Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day 223 In which I return to Matagalpa

Yes, that's right I am back in Matagalpa. When I was last here this city stole my heart and captured my imagination with its feminist street art, mountain climate, abundance of coffee shops and a women's weaving coop in need of some blog help. As I was leaving Matagalpa the last time I asked a friend if she knew of any projects in need of a bilingual, organizationally inclined gringa. I was in Leon when I got the email, yes she did have a project which might be up my ally. The Telares Indigenes coop from the community do El Chile, outside of Matagalpa, need some help sorting out their blog. So I canceled my other volunteer commitment, rented a room in a Matagalpa guest house and headed for the mountains.

Photos left to right: map of Nicaragua I am in Matagalpa which is number 4 on my route, a view of the Matqgalpa cathedral at sunset, a view from my roof, a few of house common space, and the sign demarcating the weaving studio in the community El Chile.

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