Sunday, May 12, 2013

Day 220 The Orange House in Matagalpa

Having a pleasing, clean space to live is very integral to my well being. After six months of sharing a palapa with two other people and innumerable spiders,termites, geckos and a snake or two. Followed by another month of shared dorm rooms in backpackers hostels I was ready for a room of my own and a kitchen. When I returned to Matagalpa I rented a room in a guest house. The orange Matagalpa house has been the perfect home base for waterfall and petroglyph adventures as well as a place where I can work on my projects with the weaving coop. 

" Casa del Sol" where I lived on the farm.

A street view of the Matagalpa house.

A view from the roof of a inner courtyard of the Matagalpa house. 

Sunset from the front porch of the Matagalpa house. 

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