Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day 208 Telares

Visiting the weaving coop Telares, the supposed reason for my time in Matagalpa was inspiring, interesting and just plain fun. We headed out of town at 8am, ten of us piled into the cab and spilling into the back of a little four wheel truck. After a bumpy ride up a dirt road we arrived at the house which houses the coop. Seeing those beautiful looms left me craving my own loom and nostalgic for my time on the weaving crew at Warren Wilson College. The Telares cooperative has been going for twenty five years, as long as I have existed. Back in the '80s an Argentine women teamed up with the Sndanista Government to resurrect the fading skill of hand weaving. During the Samoza dictatorship weaving had been banned and the looms burned. It was difficult to convince the elders to take up a shuttle again to share their skills with the next generation but in the end they did. In 1988 a group of women came together to relearn the forgotten craft. Of those original women, sever are still going strong. They create beautiful, rainbow colored bags, backpacks, and rugs for tourists and locals alike.

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