Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day 192 Easter

Easter in Costa Rica is celebrated with alcohol, parties on the beach and somber processions. Jass, Mack and I spent the first half of holly week on the breach soaking up the sun and drinking Nica Libres and wine slushies. ( what is a wine slushies you might ask? They are what results when you forget your box wine in the freezer part of the mini fridge. Classy I know)

The second half of holly week found us back in the ghost-town Liberia becomes when all Ticos mass exodus to the beach. At least 90% of the town was shut down. All that was left, were Chinese restaurants and fried chicken joints. Winding their way between the chicken and wontons were a number of somber processions bearing saints church to church. Below are pictures, taken by Jass, of a procession which passed our hostel.

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