Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Day 120 An Evening Star Over Granada and San Juan del Sur

I recently spent a week with my sister in San Juan del Sur and Granada. We had a wonderful time reading, people watching, swimming and enjoying a number of breathtaking sunsets. These two sunsets bring to mind a poem by Ruben Dario a Nicaraguan poet and folk hero.


Now that the siesta's done,
now that the twilight is drawing near
and the tropical sun
that charred this coast has almost disappeared,
there's a gentle, cool zephyr breathing here
through the western sky's trees of illusion
lit by purple flames in the atmosphere.

Scrawled across beaches, the crabs have written
the illegible message of their trails.
There are pink- colored shells and some golden
reflections. Pieces of starfish and snails
form a clicking carpet
as I walk the harmonious shoreline.

When Venus starts to shine
in the last light, a regal love returns,
and I hear the waves' choir-
a mermaid's song or the sound of a lyre.
And in my soul, another star like Venus burns.
Ruben Dario

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