Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day 68-70 A Trip the Big City

Over a year ago a group of women from the Balgue community came to an informational meeting at Mano Amiga community center about forming a women's sewing cooperative. For the next year they came to weekly sewing and business classes taught by a Project Bona Fide intern and a Peace Corps volunteer respectively. They had their graduation on November 12, 2012.  This past week Noelle,  the Peace Corps volunteer and I accompanied Alba (middle) and Midgalia (right) to a holiday craft fair held at the US embassy in Managua.  This was both of the girl's first trip to Managua and what an experience it was. They not only got to experience selling their products but also got to see the part of the market where all the fabric used in their products is bought. 

In these next months Noelle and I are helping the six women, who stuck it out and are now the collective, transition from learning to doing. This trip was an important first step in that process. In the new year they will be moving into the sewing studio which is almost completed. I expect to get the call any day this week that our doors are delivered.  Once the doors are, we have a month of letting the floor set and January should see us in the new workshop. Look for future posts for pictures of the new building! 

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