Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 63 In Which We Loose Thanksgiving

The thanksgiving to which I refer was our pig which we had bought a month back to fatten to eat for Thanksgiving. She and our two pigs got out the Sunday before and the dogs ended up getting at two of them. Luckily we found all three again, but the two the dogs got at we had to butcher. So now we have only one pig but what a Thanksgiving it was. Thanksgiving was also the two month mark of my being on the farm. I could not have asked for a better way to spend that day.

Here on the farm we celebrated Thanksgiving in delicious eclectic style. A beautiful amalgamation of Nicaraguan and US foods. When ells would tejadas (fried plantains), mashed potatoes, chcaron (fried pig skin), stuffing made with Jackfruit seeds, and banana cream pie all find their way into the same meal? I ate so much my belly hurt. When we could eat no more the dancing started. We danced for hours to everything from merengue, to bad US pop, to bluegrass. Although a Thanksgiving away from my family can never be quite the same, this Thanksgiving was a day to remember.

Here is a photo of Avelio butchering the pig in the wood shed. 

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