Friday, November 9, 2012

Day 50 a Day in the Life

Balgue I have two types of days, farm days and community days. Here is what two days this week have looked like.

Community Day
6am wake up
6-6:30am stretch
6:30-7:45am check emails, journal, prepare for later meetings
7:45-8am shower
8-8:45am breakfast
9:30am budget meeting at Mano Amiga for the sowing cooperative's new building
12-1:30pm lunch in town with other interns
1:30-3pm check in with sowing collective about progress on products for the holiday craft fair at the Managua Us embassy
3-4pm meet with Marina about the youth leadership project
4-4:30pm pick up groceries for the farm and walk back
4:30-5:30pm help make trays to dry bananas
5:30-6:45pm read in a hammock
6:45-7:30pm eat dinner
7:30-8pm play cards with the other volunteers
8pm bedtime

Farm Day
6am wake up
6-6:45am stretch
6:45-8am harvest bananas
8-8:45 breakfast
8:45-9:15am workshop on worm bin care
9:15-12pm MULTCH protecting trees for the dry season by layering wood chips and green mater ( banana leaves and weeds) until it is at least 6inches thick, this will help retain water during the months when no rain falls
12-1pm lunch
1-2pm read in a hammock
2-5pm computer time: check emails, update the blog, work on grad school applications
5-6:30pm light the rocket stove and collaborate with another volunteer to cook dinner
6:30-7 eat dinner and visit with friends
7-7:30pm clean up
7:45 pm bedtime

So there you go, if you ever wondered what we get up to down here now you have an idea.

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