Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 16 The 5 Stages of Death, Divorce and Bug Bites in the Tropics

1) Denial and Isolation: You tell yourself "I don't really have over 91 individual bug bites on my body" followed by "why doesn't anyone ells seem to get bitten at all, ever?"

2) Anger: "*&*@^ bugs, I hate you and your children and your children's children" and you apply lots of bug repentant, the really nasty chemical kind.

3) Bargaining: "please stop biting me so much,  I promise to not even hate you if you will just lay off a little bit"

4) Depression: You stay in bed in your mosquito net all day and don't come out except to pee.

5) Acceptance: This is where I am now. I cover up at night and know that, no mater what I do I will always have a few bites itching away. This no longer upsets me as it once did. It has faded to an annoying background noise.

If you were wondering, yes I did stop to itch a few bites while writing this.

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