Monday, September 17, 2012

Day -3 Introductions

I always struggle with how to introduce myself, I have heard the facts so many times, have recited them to new professors, employers or friends that they grow stale in my mind, boring. I would much rather rush on the interesting bits, sharing the newest book I have read or what I am excited about at the time. But there will be time for all that later, once you know the facts about me. So here it is.

My name is Allison Hoyman-Browe. I am 24 years old. I was born and raised in Ukiah, CA. In the school year of 2004/5 I participated in a Rotary youth exchange to Argentina where I spent 11 months attending Argentine high school, learning to tango and becoming fluent in Spanish. I graduated with a BA in Political Science and Spanish from Warren Wilson College located in Asheville, NC in 2010. While attending Warren Wilson I spent a semester studying in Spain and a month doing research in China on access to education for rural students. After graduating I spent a year serving a rural NC community through AmeriCorps VISTA at a rural Latino community center. This past year I had the opportunity to teach Spanish at the Waldorf School of Mendocino County which I attended in my childhood. Now I am preparing to jump into the unknown, a six month internship in Nicaragua working with rural youth on the Island of Ometepe.

One of my greatest skills is organization. I’m not necessarily talking about labeling things or cleaning up; I am talking about getting your act together and getting things done.  I help others organize; I help others get things done. Something I am excited about is helping young woman identify and verbalize their dreams for the future and then create a road map to achieve them. I feel it is particularly important to support young woman in feeling empowered to express and verbalize their dreams and goals. So I am traveling to Nicaragua to create a youth leadership program, for students ages 15-18, through Project Bona Fide.  I will go about this through a series of activities such as journal-ing, art projects, inclusion games, group discussions, outdoor adventures and presentations from community leaders and mentors. My program is a good fit with the mission of Project Bona Fide because it ties into the goals of self-empowerment and continuing education of the community, both of which are prominent goals for Bona Fide. My project would hugely benefit by tying into Bona Fide because the project has strong ties to the community which will ensure greater involvement of the community and hence greater success.

The generous donations of the wider Ukiah community will help pay for journals, art supplies, activities, and snacks for the youth as well as my room and board while I am at Bona Fide. Thank you to all of you who supported and believed in me. 

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